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Together we build a Brighter Future.


Providing a wholesome, creative education and community for all children (0-100yrs), to live happily, healthy and to their fullest potential. 

Whilst taking care of the planet and her community, we uplift the generations to come into a vital, healthy world and a higher level of awareness, abundance and harmony, in which we live together in love and connection.


Education = educare = to bring up what’s already inside.

The current education system has been built on old ways of hypnotizing people to fit

into the capitalist system. This system Is from the old era, promotes dividedness and competition

and is coming to an end.
We’re moving into a new age based on empowerment of our uniqueness and co-creation.

Awareness lies at the base of this shift because from there we become aware of our great impact on our life and the world. 

The more conscious we are, the better we can direct our impact.

As our awareness grows we build on each other to collectively grow to higher levels and a brighter future.



Your curiosity is the inspiration and motivation to what You want to learn. 

Our mission is to formulate and facilitate new education, in an environment where the community is supporting.

We provide the space to learn freely.


We also lift the surrounding, local communities by creating jobs, creating business opportunities and supporting their venture in a new sharing economy.

We offer free food at the community kitchen, classes and courses, open to anyone, sports and family

events and recycle local garbage and ancient knowledge.

We are self-sustainable in our organic food and energy supply, and promote this

empowerment so that others can do the same.

We’re going for: 
  • Wholesome education

  • Healthy, happy, strong, together

  • Rising out of poverty mindset, to an abundant mindset

  • Self sustainability and sharing economy

  • Living in harmony with oneself, nature and each other

  • Sharing the tools and knowledge to live a wholesome life, supporting one’s family, while living up to one’s dreams and potential and bringing a positive impact to the world

  • Taking healthy responsibility of your own life and actions

  • Educate us all - bring out all that’s inside.

  • Aquarian awareness development

  • Body, mind and spirit in balance

  • Living in the light in the here and now

  • Unconditional love and oneness

  • Freedom

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